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Dry Rock

Lab Tested Dry Rock

  • Dry Reef Rock

    Dry Reef Rock

    A very nice porous cleaned aragonite based reef rock originating from Florida. We carefully hand pick each piece of rock to make a nice selection of rock for your Aquarium. Easily stacks making it a perfect choice. 100% professionally cleaned aragonite...

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  • Dry Reef Rock Flat

    Dry Reef Rock Flat

    This Rock IS SOLD BY THE LB This Rock has a single cut on 1 side to help create a bridge or shelf effect.   WE RECCOMEND ORDERING MIN 5 LB to give you a piece large enough to work with. 

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  • Rubble small pieces of broken rock.

    Rubble Dry Rock

    This is Rubble. Ranges in size from a marble to golf ball size. Great for refugiums,frag plugs,extra bio media in the sump.   This is not large pieces for the display Tank

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